Planning to get your home a makeover with interior designers?Looking for professional modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai? Urban Dreams is one of the best modular kitchen manufacturers and designers in Mumbai providing excellent Kitchen design solutions specially curated as per your preferences and budgets. With the latest kitchen design ideas, you can customize your kitchens as per your needs and requirements. Transform your Indian kitchen design at a budget that suits you. We as the best modular kicthen manufacturers in Mumbai offer wide ranges of the kitchen with carefully chosen elements.When are you getting your kitchen designed?

    1. Straight kitchen design Follows counter on essentially made for single wall. If your  kitchen space is quite small straight kitchen design is for you! It is perfectly suitable for small spaces and offers convenience in accessing the electronic appliances and other kitchen essentials.
    2. Parallel kitchen design is supported by 2 platforms on opposite (A. Main cooking counter B. service cooking counter). It is alsoalso referred as passageway kitchen sometimes.Parallel kitchen designs gives you the benefit of cooking conveniently and also saving space.
    3. L-shape kitchen design is supported by 2 corner wall spaces which is utilized for the kitchen platform.It is one of the most flexible kitchen designs.L -shaped kitchen designs are versatile and will add a dramatic touch to your tarditional home or modern space.
    4. U Shape kitchen design follows counters on 3 no. walls and are suitable for big spaces. U-shape Kitchen Designs are favourites among Indians as they provide ample storage space.
    5. Island kitchen design are generally suitable for larger homes with enough of kitchen space.It is one of those kitchen design types that offers excellent solutions for storage.
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There are various types of modular kitchen layout as an L-shaped modular kitchen, straight modular kitchen, u-shape modular kitchen, island, parallel modular kitchen, etc. If your confused regarding which sort of design will suit your requirements and your space the best. Do consult the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai to guide you.

Generally, modular kitchens are fitted after removing the previous installations. Your old installations might have been installed without planning and might cause a hindrance in achieving the best results. Although we can add over an existing set-up we as the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai strongly recommend installing a completely new installation.

If we had to brief in short, there are so many benefits of a modular kitchen like the ease of maintaining a clutter-free, clean and organized kitchen, space management as the compact design of a modular kitchen allows for maximum utilization of space. When it comes to revamping your kitchen Modular kitchen are very much cost-effective as compared to the traditional kitchen in which each element has to be fitted individually. As best modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai, we can assure that these kitchens can be easily repaired as the unit which needs repairs can be easily detached.

We as best modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai use the following accessories like base units, wall units, wall, and floor tiles, worktops, kitchen appliances, Chimney, a kitchen sink, a hob and /or a dishwasher, kitchen shelves, pantry units, baskets, kitchen holders. pull out shelves, modular kitchen trolley, etc.

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